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Complete energy planning for industry and municipalities

90% of all European companies want to reduce their emissions, 5% of which already have an implementation plan for this. We can help you take full advantage of your company's or municipality's potential and enable you to face rising energy prices and the effects of climate change with ease in the future.
Who we are

Your contact in energy matters

We provide our customers with a clear overview of all energy flows in their operations, equip them with an action plan to optimize their consumption, and support them in implementing the plan. In doing so, we rely on many partner companies that can implement the measures directly.

With our service, we support you in securing and stabilizing your energy supply to enable you to continue to operate in a regulated and predictable manner, as independently as possible from rising energy costs and world political events.


Use of modern techniques and concepts in energy supply.

Resource Efficiency

Optimization of processes, mainly by increasing energy efficiency or reducing material consumption.


Often, the energy flows are already there and just need to be adapted, such as for waste heat utilization or closing material cycles.

Systemic Change

Fundamental changes in operations, such as changes in processes that eliminate the need for energy consumption in the first place.  
Through our extensive and diverse network, we are able to provide precise information on the costs and benefits of energy-saving measures and calculate them for you in a practical manner to optimize the accuracy of the service.
- David Volk, Founder

Our Services


We analyse the energy production and consumers and thus present the current state of the operation/project in order to build a solid basis for the next steps.


Based on this, we create a catalog of measures tailored to your company/project, consisting either of quick measures, optimization of individual trades, or even an overall strategic concept, depending on what you require. We methodically optimize the measures, check their cost-effectiveness and integrate them into a roadmap for implementation.

Accompany during implementation

We would also be pleased to offer to accompany you during the implementation of the catalogue of measures so that you can continue to devote your full attention to the processes in your company.

Decide now for future-proof energy planning!

With our experienced experts, we optimize your energy consumption and thereby sustainably reduce your costs. Simply send us an inquiry via the contact form and let us achieve your goals together! Send us an inquiry via the contact form and let’s reach your goals together!